Explore A Stream: You Might Discover Lampreys

In an earlier post I misidentified this lamprey as an American Eel. I’d like to make the correction here.

On a hike along a stream (Maryland USA / March 2010) we found several brook lampreys swimming around. There are three species of lampreys in Maryland: Sea Lamprey, Least Brook Lamprey, and American Brook Lamprey. This one is a Least Brook Lamprey or an American Brook Lamprey. Both or these brook lampreys are non-parasitic. Sea lampreys use their disk shaped mouth to attach themselves to fish and drink their bodily fluids and blood. Brook lampreys do no do this. I believe we came across some lampreys spawning. After they spawn they die soon afterward.

You can find some interesting things out there!

2 thoughts on “Explore A Stream: You Might Discover Lampreys

  1. Aron Drake

    The above photo is probably that of an American Brook Lamprey. The Least Brook lamprey is a yellow golden color on top and silver underneath. The image you have looks more of an olive/orange color. By they way, my graduate school work was on on Least Brook lampreys and I collected them in Maryland and Delaware. Nice find and beautiful photo!

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