Chandelier Make-Over: When Switching To Energy Efficient Light Bulbs, Try Frosting Glass Shades To Hide Unsightly Bulbs

DIY Frosted Glass Chandelier Shade

I wanted to “green” up our chandelier but the new light bulbs didn’t look good.

First I tried to achieve a frosted look by using etching cream. (I used Armour Etch Glass Etching Cream. See pictures below.)

Then I thought maybe I could paint the inside but wanted it to be transparent. Also I wanted the resulting look of the chandelier to be neutral.

I found this site ( which describes how they put acrylic wall glaze on windows to give a milky opaque look to increase privacy. I decided to try it on my chandelier shades.

DIY Frosted glass Shade Close-up

I think it turned out terrific!

glass chandelier shade before frosting up-close

This is a before picture.

DIY frosted glass chandelier Shades

chandelier with glass shades before frosting

This is also a before picture. The kids and I like to decorate this chandelier according to the season or holiday.

How to:

Find some acrylic glaze. I went to my local Habitat for Humanity and would you believe they had some. I found Behr brand glazing liquid. You might want to ask around to see if anyone had some in their garage. It only takes a small amount.

Clean the shades and let dry.

Paint a thin layer on the inside of the shades.

The brush bristles left lines in the paint that were noticeable on the top half so I used a paper towel to give it a ragged on look instead. The bottom half has three layers on it. Let dry between coats.

The benefit of this solution is that the glaze can be scrubbed out if you ever change your mind.

etch glass chandelier shades

These shades have the etching cream on them.

etched glass chandelier shade

Here is what it looked like after using the etching cream two times. It has a cool patchy look but not what I want for this project. I tried a third time without sufficient results. At Armour Products website it says that this product is not recommended for large areas. Large is relative; I thought they meant large like a window.

3 thoughts on “Chandelier Make-Over: When Switching To Energy Efficient Light Bulbs, Try Frosting Glass Shades To Hide Unsightly Bulbs

  1. Julia

    I was wondering if you know where to find a replacement light glass shades exactly like yours. Two of my shades broke and I am trying to find a replacement, but so far no luck. Any help would be great.

  2. jane Post author

    Sorry, I don’t know the make and model. I got it at Lowes 10 or so years ago.
    -Hester Jane

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