Give Away: Two Vintage Gurley Novelty Turkey Candles Plus Gurley Witch Candle

Vintage Gurley Turkey Candles

Vintage Gurley Turkey Candles 2

These Gurley turkey candles can be yours just in time for Thanksgiving. They came from a friend; they had belonged to her mother. I thought they were pretty nifty.

The price of the candles, as marked on the bottoms, is: 29 cents and 35 cents. The turkey on the left has some wax missing near the base. The wicks are unused.

Vintage Gurley TurkeyCandles side view


These kinds of novelty candles are popular again.

Vintage Gurley Witch Candle

Vintage Gurley Witch Candle Back view

I’m throwing in a vintage Gurley witch candle. It would be nice displayed with other vintage Halloween items. She (the witch) has a gouge of wax removed from her chin area and other flaws you can see in the photo. Still pretty cool. Price on the bottom says 29cents. It must be pretty old.

To win these candles all you have to do is comment on this post. The limit is one comment per day per person.

I’ll randomly pick a winner on November 16th. (That’s only two weeks!)

I’ll e-mail the winner.

Could be yours for only a few dollars shipping.

Important: You must be willing to pay the shipping cost. I’ll carefully pack it up and send it right out to you. Expect a clean but reused box and packing materials (no surprise there).

It should be noted that I don’t make any money: it’s just for fun.

4 thoughts on “Give Away: Two Vintage Gurley Novelty Turkey Candles Plus Gurley Witch Candle

  1. Kim Clark

    OMG they must be old…I remember these great candles being in my grandmother’s home on our Thanksgiving table!!! I won’t tell how old I am but dirt has nothing on me :)

  2. jane Post author

    This e-mail was sent to me from Cap Caplan.
    (Good luck.)
    I’d love to have the Thanksgiving turkey candles if they’re still available.

  3. jane Post author

    Congratulations to Kim!
    I hope she enjoys her trip down memory lane. The witch and turkey candles plus an extra turkey candle (smaller) is on its way to her.

  4. connie di maggio

    When I see finely detailed candles especially for holiday decors, I appreciate the work that was put into it and it brings me back to my childhood – when such items were detailed and could be proudly displayed.

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