Give Away: Vintage Arnel’s Mushroom Cookie Jar

Arnel's mushroom cookie jar
This super cool mushroom cookie jar (think 1970′s) is looking for a good home. I found it at a local second-hand store and cleaned it up. I have a feeling it has been in someone’s kitchen for a long time. It has a few minor chips around the opening but otherwise is in great condition. The bottom of the jar says Arnel’s; it‘s a collector’s item.
It would be great to store cookies obviously but would also be nice to store craft supplies in your craft room.
Doesn’t it just make you smile?
To win this cookie Jar all you have to do is comment on this post. I’m thinking that I should limit one comment per day per person.
I’ll randomly pick a winner on August 26th. I’ll e-mail the winner!

Important: You must be willing to pay the shipping cost. I’ll carefully pack it up and send it right out to you. Expect a clean but reused box and packing materials (no surprise there).
It should be noted that I don’t take any money for my part.

vintage Arnel's mushroom cookie jar

9 thoughts on “Give Away: Vintage Arnel’s Mushroom Cookie Jar

  1. Brittany

    Hi – I’m not sure if you’ve closed the comments for this or not, but I thought I would take a shot and throw my name into the hat. I have recently picked up a number of companion pieces to this cookie jar at Goodwill (one at one of the retail centers and several at the outlet) and would LOVE to win this. I actually found your lovely blog while doing some Web research on the items I unearthed yesterday.

  2. jane Post author

    Sorry Brittany, I already mailed it out to the winner.
    I have to say, I hate disappointing the people who didn’t win. But happy for the winner.

    Congratulations to Tina who won this fun cookie jar!

  3. Sabrina

    I have a jar very similar to this one. If you know anyone who might want it please let me know. I am going to yard sale it if I can’t find someone who does want it. It has Arnels on the bottom as well as April ’83


  4. JP

    Hate to arrive so late to the party, but when I saw this I had to comment. I don’t think its a cookie jar, I think it’s the largest canister in a set. My Aunt had 4 of them in ascending order.

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