Make Cut-off Shorts And Extend The Life Of Your Favorite Pants

flowered cut off shorts
Recycling 101; take your pants with the worn out knees and make them into shorts. This practice of re-using pants to make shorts is especially nice for kid’s cloths due to the tendency for children to prematurely wear holes in the knees.
How to:
Cut at the desired length (add extra if you want to leave a cuff).
Sew a hem, add a cuff or just leave it raw so it will fray.

These shorts were made from a pair of pants that my daughter loved. They had developed holes in the knees so I cut them into shorts and rolled up a cuff and hemmed the new edge. In addition, I cut out the flower detail that was at the bottom of the pants and re-sewed it on the shorts. It looks like I bought them this way.

4 thoughts on “Make Cut-off Shorts And Extend The Life Of Your Favorite Pants

  1. Pam

    My 10-year old daughter recycled a favorite of jeans that had become to short into a pair of capris after failing to find a jean pair of capris that she liked at the stores. She did the cutting and declined my offer to make a cuff. She wanted the fray look. They look adorable and she should be able to get another season of out them.

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