Earth Day 2009: Happy Earth Day!

Fun In The Making joined the Earth Day celebration in Leonardtown Maryland in the historic town center. I had a display set up with lots of examples of eco-friendly projects and craft ideas. It was fun to inspire people to be creative and to reuse. The day was nice and I enjoyed meeting all of you who came by my table.

The Owls were there too. The Owls is the name of the kids’ environmental club my daughter started last year but hadn’t named until this year. This was the second year that they were at Earth Day, helping children make free egg-heads with grass hair. The egg-head project was a big hit with the kids! The Owls were also raising money for WWF adopt an animal program. They sold heirloom tomato seedlings and collected donations. This year they (the 5 attending Owls) decided to raise money for the polar bears. After a last minute donation, the girls reached their goal of $50. Good work girls!

Some Owls (a kid's environmental club) Earthday 2009
Two Owl members.

happy egg-head crafters
Two proud crafters.

Want to know how to make these cute egg heads with grass hair?

One thought on “Earth Day 2009: Happy Earth Day!

  1. Rachel

    Yay for Earth Day! This is my first visit to your blog and I love it here! I came by this morning via the Crafty Crow to check out yoru projects. You have some great crafty ideas going on here, I’d love to link if you didn’t mind!

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