Make Your Own No-Sew Eco-Friendly T-Shirt Tissues

MYO no sew t-shirt tissues

Tissues made from old t-shirts work really well and they are soft on the nose. Kids will like the fun colorful fabrics and you will like the part about saving money and resources.

Make Your Own T-Shirt Tissues

Make your own tissues from t-shirt

I set aside some children’s t-shirts that were too worn or too stained to pass on.

How to:
Gather some old t-shirts. Thin, uber soft t-shirts are best. Use a salad plate (whatever size you like) and a rotary cutter with a cutting matt. Cut around the plate. The beauty of this project is that the edges do not need to be hemmed.

Alternatively, you can cut square pieces.

t-shirt tissues and home-made bear

Keep these eco-friendly tissues on bedside tables for use on little noses.

recycled wool sweater bear and hankie hamper

Hankie Hamper: find something around the house or at the thrift store to be your hankie hamper.

Recycle Worn-Out Shirts Into Handkerchiefs
When choosing old shirts to be made into hankies; the softer the better. Pick an appealing fabric if that matters to you. You want it to also have a bit of absorbency. Obviously, stiff fabric is no good for this project.

How to:

Cut strips 7 inches wide (or your preference) with a pair of pinking shears. Next, cut the strips into squares and you’re done. Using pinking shears will help to prevent fraying.

make your own no-sew hankies

To take with you, fold in half then fold in thirds: it fits nicely in your purse or pocket.

recycled fabric hankies
Hankies in a variety of fabrics: My husband’s favorite shirt (blue plaid cotton) was eventually turned into little hankies. It was a soft fabric to begin with but repeated washing only made it better. The kitty fabric was made out of worn-out flannel pj’s.

eco-friendly tissues and hankie hamper
Be sure to provide a place to put the used tissues or your kids will leave them all around the house.

9 thoughts on “Make Your Own No-Sew Eco-Friendly T-Shirt Tissues

  1. Cynthia

    Don’t these kind of cloth hankies, just circles of tshirt material, curl and fray after washing?
    Don’t you need some kind of border stitching or hemming?

  2. jane Post author

    I’ve been using the t-shirt tissues and they are not fraying; no hem necessary. That’s the beauty of it. Give it a try.
    -Hester Jane

  3. Yolanda

    I made about 35 of the “nose blowers” with old t-shirts, and found a little round basket for the hamper. This has been very successful! Thank you for the instructions.

  4. Keila

    I love this idea! When my son is sick he is always loosing his sneezing cloth. Having many small ones (to use and toss) is even better to avoid spreading more germs around the house. Thanks!

  5. Autumn

    Thank you SO much for this post! I am forever struggling with hankies and children. You’ve revolutionized our tissue habit!

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  7. Anne

    Hello Jane,

    This post is wonderful! Thank you so much for such a brilliant idea! I have a question, now that a while has passed, how have your hankies held up? Thank you!

  8. jane Post author

    I’m still using those same hankies all this time later. Easy to make and long lasting!
    -Hester Jane

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