Easy To Make License Plate Bookend

license plate bookends

They say necessity is the mother of invention: that is true. My daughter needed a bookend so I did a little brain storming and dug through the house/garage for inspiration. I easily transformed these license plates into bookends.

bookends made from license plates

How to:

Recycle a license plate by making it into a bookend. All you have to do is bend a license plate over the edge of a table. Easy.

I like the vintage look of these plates left as is but you could be creative and paint them for a modern look.

25 thoughts on “Easy To Make License Plate Bookend

  1. Cami

    Truly inspired! I was JUST in the need of some bookends for my son’s room last night and look what I found today – really wonderful! I can’t wait to find some old license plates and give your idea a try :)

  2. HopiQ

    WOW. Fantastic! I need to find a new lens to look through so that I can see the great potential in the things around me.

  3. Kelly

    I framed bulletin boards in old license plates for my two older boys and they look very cool. These would be a nice addition if we wanted to carry on with the car theme. :)

  4. sara

    as a library clerk could i suggest a bit of cork or flannel on the bottom to keep them from slipping or scratching? we will be using this idea in our preteen book club. thanks!

  5. Michelle

    What a terrific idea! You could not imagine all the license plates I have floating around in the shed, the garage, the house… Seriously! This is the perfect use for them. Thanks. :)

  6. pathic

    Fantastic. I have two plates from our home state, where we no longer live. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to make them useful. Thanks for such a great idea!

  7. Mary Faith

    Great idea…i would love to try this but am not sure where to aquire old license plates other than maybe ebay. any suggestions?

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  12. orfan

    Just a suggestion for those in search of plates: I always see them in the scrap metal bin at the recycling center; if you have one near by you can see if they mind you rummaging around. I’ve never been questioned by the staff but always had an explanation about gathering art supplies at the tip of my tongue. Or you could try cragislist or freecycle.

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