Pretend To Campout: How To Make A Pretend Campfire and Paper Marshmallows

roasting pretend marshmallows

Believe it or not, children can have fun without watching TV. Take out some sleeping bags and let the kids pretend to camp out in the middle of your living room. They will enjoy building this imaginary campfire and pretending to roast marshmallows. Later they may tell each other stories, pretend to hear nocturnal animals lurking about, and imagine they are falling asleep under the stars.

pretend camp fire
How to make a pretend campfire:
Gather enough rocks to make the fire ring. Clean them off before bringing inside. We ripped up a brown paper bag and then twisted the pieces to look like firewood. You could use real twigs and sticks but paper is cleaner. We used scrap pieces of felt for the flames. To make the flames, the kids and I cut up yellow felt scraps (you could use a mix of colors) so that they were a bit like irregular triangles. Then we pulled at the edges to soften the look. Arrange the rocks in a circle and build your fire.

How to make pretend marshmallows:
You will need one-sided office paper, a stick about 2 or so feet long and a little white glue or clear tape.

MYO marshmallow step 1
Take a piece of one-sided office paper. One-sided paper means that only one side is blank. Why use a new sheet of paper when you can reuse another?
Fold the paper in half long ways. You should have the printed on side hidden on the inside.

MYO marshmallow step 2
Fold in half again.

MYO marshmallow step 3

MYO marshmallow step 4
Roll the resulting strip of paper around the stick.

MYO marshmallow step 6
Fold another piece of paper as before. Then add a little glue to this new piece before adding.
Add more layers (strips of paper) until the marshmallow is the size you want it to be. You will want to save the piece of paper with the least amount of stuff on the other side to allow for the whitest marshmallow. Use a piece of clear tape or carefully glue the end of the strip in place. If you choose to glue instead of tape, you will need to put something on top of it to hold it in place while the glue dries.
For a roasted look, be creative. We used watercolors and a sponge to apply paint around the edges.

campfire for girls and dolls

Here are some snapshots. These clever girls inspired me to do this post. They came up with the marshmallow idea.  They used shorter sticks for their dolls to use. The sticks were held on with elastic bands.

10 thoughts on “Pretend To Campout: How To Make A Pretend Campfire and Paper Marshmallows

  1. Denise

    This is excellent, I am a Rainbow Guider and the girls loved it, we sang campfire songs.(5 – 7 Yrs old), and then had hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows.

  2. vanessa

    I love this idea so much!! My daughter is always pretending her closet is a fireplace-I think she would get a kick out of a pretend campfire. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Cindy

    This is a great idea! I’ll pass this on to our customers. As well, I’m going to pass it on to my sister-in-law who leads her son’s Beavers group.

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  5. Marisa

    So happy to have found this website, and this post particularly. My Father-In-Law is getting married this weekend and needed a fake fire as part of the ceremony. (strange, I know). He asked me to do it. What was he thinking, I don’t know. Anyway, this is the perfect solution because it’s eaily portable. Thanks a million!

  6. katie

    Thought this was great fun. My daughter’s friends were away so she made this & toasted marshmallows with her teddies.she did it with chairs in the kitchen. Made the fire & sticks with crepe paper which worked really well.

  7. anonymous

    I bought those battery-operated “candles” at the dollar store and placed them inside the mix, too. Way cool.

  8. anonymous

    Oops. Did not realize you are a “green” site. Honestly, the few dollar store lights were my only indulgence! So appreciate what you’re doing.

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