How To Fold Origami Gift Boxes: Easy To Follow Photo Instructions

Origami gift boxes are very versatile: organize your little things, use as party favors, or hold keepsakes. You needn’t spend a lot of money for wrapping paper; they look cool as is. You don’t even have to buy origami paper. All you need is to keep your eyes open for some cool paper just begging to be put to good use. Magazines usually aren’t made with thick enough paper for these boxes but sometimes their covers are.

I made this box from a brightly colored poster found at a garage sale. It was damaged but I only needed part of the poster to make the box.
Cut the bottom square ¼ inch smaller than the top square. (I used an 8.5 inch square to make the top and an 8.25 inch square to make the bottom.

Remember to line up corners and sides exactly and run the back of your nail across the folds.
1. To make this origami box you will need a perfectly square piece of paper. A paper cutter works great but if you do not have one you will need to measure carefully and then cut with scissors.
2. Before doing your first fold, place your square so the back side is up (the good side is face down). Then bring opposite corners together and make a nice crease.
3. Unfold and bring other opposite corners together and make a nice crease.
Your paper should now have fold lines in the shape of an x.
4. Again, with the back side up, fold your paper in half vertically.
5. Unfold. Fold paper in half horizontally. This means fold the bottom corners up to the top corners. (I forgot to take this picture: sorry.)
6. Unfold. Next fold in one of the corners. Point the corner to the exact center of the paper. You will know where that is by looking at the fold lines that you already made.
7. Fold in another corner.
8. Fold in another corner.
9. Fold in last corner.
10. Fold the bottom up to the center as shown in the picture.
11. Fold the top: they should meet in the center.
12. Unfold. Fold one side to the center.
13. Fold the other side. They should meet in the center.
14. Unfold last two folds. Pull open opposite corners.
15. Fold up two (opposite) sides. These will be two of the sides of your box.
16. To finish your box you will have to fold the paper in as shown.
17. I thought another view might be helpful. This is the hardest step to figure out. Hold your soon- to-be box top in the same orientation as shown in the photo and you should be fine.
18. Bring the corners up and around to the inside.
19. Completed box top.
20. Follow the same instructions to make a bottom for your box; remember to cut the square for your box bottom ¼ inch smaller that the square you cut for the top of your box.

Project ideas: Valentine card reused to make origami box, vintage Valentine embellished origami box, and magazine page made into Valentine gift box.

3 thoughts on “How To Fold Origami Gift Boxes: Easy To Follow Photo Instructions

  1. Laura Mullen

    Greetings – Many years ago someone whowed me how to make these boxes using old calendars. As the years (decades) went by I forgot about them. This year when I took my Thomas Kindaide calendar down I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away and remembered the boxes I used to make. That evening I tried for hours to figure it out from memory and finally gave up. One of my kids suggested I go to Google and see if I could find a website that might have the instructions. After a couple of tries I found funinthemaking. Your instructions are so easy to follow and the accompanying pictures for reference illistrate perfectly the journey from a piece of paper to a beautiful box. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I am now happily making boxes and my friends and family love them! Sincerely, Laura Mullen

  2. VickiLou

    I remember getting a box like this many a years ago from a close relative that is now gone. It warms my heart to see the tutorial online and be able to carry on the legacy in my own way. I cannot wait to see my family’s reaction to recieving a little gift from me in gift boxes made by me for Christmas. Thank you so very much for the pictorial walk-through. I had so much fun making my boxes!

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