Make Your Own Clipboards Out Of Scrap Pieces Of Wood And Reuse The Backs Of Office Paper

To make your own clipboard, you will need to find a thin scrap board. If it isn’t the right size, you will have to cut it to fit standard office paper. If you don’t want to bother cutting your board, ask around until you find something approximately the right size. Paint it with spare paint from your shed or leave it natural. When it dries completely, attach a clip like the one in the photo. The clips can be found at office supply stores.

Clipboards like these have a lot of uses. Drawing is just one.

If you are using your clip board to leave messages you may want to attach a pencil to your clipboard with a piece of string or ribbon. This clipboard was made from the top of a wooden box of liquor and the string was found at a second hand store.

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7 thoughts on “Make Your Own Clipboards Out Of Scrap Pieces Of Wood And Reuse The Backs Of Office Paper

  1. Dianne

    Hi, I think is very good to use up leftovers and scraps. My son could do this himself and make them for members of the family, knowing he made them himself, giving his self esteem a boost, is an excellent idea

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  3. Marti

    You could actually just use 1/18 illustration board so you don’t have to cut it. Then just add a “monster clip” to keep papers together.

    “monster clips” are bigger and more durable. You can find these in office supply stores

    *Although some “monster clips” may have different names.

  4. Kristi

    OMG! To think I was going to spend 18.00 on a specialized clipboard, when I can just make my own! Brilliant!

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