Bringing The Garden Indoors: White Hydrangea Flowers

Happenings At Our House: July

This morning when I was outside checking for squash and zucchini to harvest, I took time to cut some flowers off my hydrangea bush nearby. This hydrangea that I planted a year or so ago is looking great. No shortage of blooms on it. I can’t locate the tag I got with it but I think I’ve identified it as Hydrangea paniculata. It is so nice to gather a bouquet of flowers that are as clean and fresh as a summer’s day. Corny but true. When landscaping, don’t overlook white flowering plants or underestimate the beauty they add.

2 thoughts on “Bringing The Garden Indoors: White Hydrangea Flowers

  1. louise lord

    loved the picture of white hydrangea..they are my favorite flower although i have had such trouble drying them….they seem to droop in the vase as the water dries up…any suggestions would be appreciated..thanks

  2. jane Post author

    The white hydrangeas don’t seem to dry well unlike other hydrangeas. I’m going to try drying some in a desiccant (silica gel: I have some that looks like fine whitish sand). I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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