Recycled Sweater and/or T-Shirt Pennant Swags

Front view

Back view

Pennant swags strung between poles.

Liven up a birthday party, beach party, or child’s room with these easy to make pennant swags!

How-to: Gather some thin sweaters and/or t-shirts in lively colors. Make yourself a triangle stencil out of an old cereal box or whatever. My triangles were 7 ¼ inches along the top edge and about 8 ¾ inches along the sides. You can make your triangles bigger if you prefer. The easiest way to make all your triangles is to use a rotary cutter. Using one is not necessary but sure is fast. Unlike the rotary cutter, when using scissors, you will need to trace your stencil before cutting. I liked to use the hemmed bottom edge of a shirt as the top edge of the pennants. I think it gives it a little bit more of a finished look to the swags. Work around any stains or worn places. Lay out your shirt flat on a cutting mat. You will be cutting two triangles at a time. After cutting out all the triangles, arrange them in the order you would like. You can be creative here. Next use a sewing machine to make one long running stitch attaching the pennants to the ribbon. Leave room at each end of your ribbon to make a loop or leave enough extra ribbon for trying.When using outside, I tie them to bamboo poles.

5 thoughts on “Recycled Sweater and/or T-Shirt Pennant Swags

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  2. hester Post author

    I’m glad you like the idea.
    For those who have not been, you can find links to other crafty and environmentally friendly people at

  3. Bethany

    Hi I just stumbled on your site looking at growing rye grass for a party. What a great site you have. You have so many wonderful great ideas. Can’t wait to check back this summer for fun with my kids. Thanks

  4. hester Post author

    Thank you for the complement Bethany. I have several cool ideas I’m currently working on and can’t wait to share.

  5. tururu

    Funny idea!!! post it in my blog. my blog is about economic ideas for home. so thanks.

    regards from x4duros deco design


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