Door Knob Garden Hose Guide

I made several hose guides to keep our garden hose from dragging over easily damaged plants. There are a few places around my yard such as along the borders between the grass and the flower beds or vegetable garden plots that needed protection from my garden hose. These simple to make hose guides really do a good job.

How- to: I used several metal door knobs that came from old doors that were burned. I plucked them out of a pile of ashes. You could achieve an entirely different look if you painted them. Either way, would be cute and functional. Porcelain door knobs are another option. My doorknobs had a square hole at the bottom that I put a short square-ended piece of metal into; about 8 inches long. I couldn’t find anything around to use so I bought some at my local hardware store. Bring your door knob along so you can get something that fits best. Then push them in the ground where needed.

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