Egg Heads with Grass Hair

These fun to make Egg Heads were done by my kids. They liked making them so much, they went on to make many more creative characters.

How to: The next time you are making scrambled eggs, save the shell. The fastest way to get the insides out is to give the side of the top a whack with a knife (a butter knife will do) and then give the other side a whack. The idea is to make a big hole in the top. Next draw on the face; make funny, cute, and/or wacky characters. Fill with potting soil and sprinkle on grass seeds. I used Rye grass seeds. Add water and place on a windowsill. Next time I’m going to dye the egg purple and make an adorable green-haired monster with one eye and wings- a one-eyed, one horn, flying purple people eater!

7 thoughts on “Egg Heads with Grass Hair

  1. jane Post author

    Hi Karen,
    The time for grass to start sprouting depends on the kind of grass seeds you are using. Check the bag for sprouting time. I forgot to notice how long it took for ours to grow but I believe it was 4 to 7 days.
    Have fun.
    -Hester Jane

  2. Rosanne Rickett

    Hi Karen,
    What did the kids use to draw on the eggs? It need to be waterproof doesn’t it?

  3. jane Post author

    Use permanent markers, colored pencils or regular pencils. Crayons work too but you have to make sure you don’t press too hard.

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