“Green” Memory Envelopes



Yearly Memory Envelopes
These envelopes are time capsules- only easier to stack. I make one for every year, collecting items throughout the year that I don’t want to throw away. It’s like a scrapbook but a lot less work. And you will be a lot more organized. You might include things like brochures from places you visit, post cards, programs, party invitations, birthday cards, letters, movie stubs, relevant newspaper articles…


Vacation Memory Envelopes
Sometimes a vacation or other worthy event needs its own unique memory envelope!

Use an old envelope as a stencil and save it for future use. Trace your stencil onto an old desk-top calendar, posters, tourist maps, old street maps, and/or salvaged geological maps. Cut out, fold and glue.
If you don’t want to make your own, you can find maps made from salvaged geological maps by a clever man in New England at www.eco-artware.com. I also saw some recycled map envelopes at www.jampaper.com.

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